72 Billion Pounds of Perfectly Good Food is Wasted Each Year

ONE System is All You Need!

According to 
food waste 
hurts your bottom line!

Why is SuitePoint! POS the ONE Solution 
for Healthcare Retailers?
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Computrition's point-of-sale solution for retail and healthcare environments.

Is your retail foodservice operation producing inaccurate data, wasting staff's time and costing you money managing several systems?

We Have the Solution

Most healthcare retail operations are equipped with a point-of-sale system to improve the transaction process. However, using the information from your POS system to aide in forecasting can become TIME CONSUMING and INACCURATE, wasting your TIME and MONEY. Not to mention sustaining the staff required to maintain several systems.

Computrition’s SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale system is the ONLY POS system that integrates with our back-of-the-house software, Foodservice Operations Management (FOM), for a seamless exchange of data between the two systems, reducing errors, providing accurate forecasting and saving staff time and money through the use of ONE system.

How is Food Waste 
a Problem?

SuitePoint! POS is loaded on the same Oracle database as other Computrition applications, cutting the cost of having additional servers. Not only that, you only need to use ONE phone number to contact our astounding application and technical support.

Additional Benefits of the SuitePoint! POS

  • Countless payment methods such as employee 
    payroll deduction, credit/debit and gift cards
  • The highest level of credit card security and PCI compliance
  • Increases register throughput, minimizing long lines
  • Receipt options – live receipts, email receipts and
    nutritional information on receipts

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View SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale in ACTION!

Our customer shares their success with SuitePoint! Point-of-Sale

"Another reason we really enjoy Computrition is because it’s one database, one server and one support line..."

Did You Know?

Manually entering data into several systems not only takes up staff's time, but increases the chances of errors and inconsistencies, leaving healthcare foodservice operators with inaccurate forecasting.  

Without proper forecasting, kitchens purchase and produce more food than is needed, adding to the food waste statistics

ONE Database

ONE Server

ONE Support Line

Our SuitePoint! POS System is the ONE You Need!

How Can an Integrated POS System Help?

Maintaining several systems requires staff resources to enter data into all of the systems and increases the chances of errors. The integration of SuitePoint! POS and FOM easily allows for the transfer of data between the systems with just a few clicks, saving your staff time, so they can focus on more important tasks.

Don’t throw your money away, inaccurate forecasting leads to wasted food. With the integration of SuitePoint! POS and FOM, accurate production worksheets can be generated, reducing food waste and overproduction.


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